How do I save a Workspace such that on startup, it will prompt for a new Workspace owner?

Chuck Herrick

This is courtesy of Kevin Hollenshead, not me. He get's all the credit

History: In Smalltalk, we used to run "EmUser resetImageOwner" and then save the image. Officially, there is no way to cause this same effect in VAJ (even though we're talking a Smalltalk app). This came straight to me from a meeting we had with VAJ development manager and our account rep around a year ago.

However, our meeting with IBM development yielded some fruit. There is a command-line option that is undocumented and used for NLS purposes as I understand it (this is where they update VAJ to work with non-English languages). A nice side effect of this is that the repository owner is reset. I just tried it with VAJ 3.0 and I thought it didn't work, but then I realized it did!

  1. Add the "-relocalize" option to your startup icon command line
  2. Run VAJ with the image you want. Mine sat here and clocked at 100% CPU with no visible windows after the splash screen for a couple of minutes.
  3. Remove the command line option.
  4. Start VAJ. When mine started, the workspace owner window popped up!

Your mileage may vary and I say again that this is an undocumented and unsupported command-line interface.

Note that Kevin points out that three files are necessary if you are setting up a fall-back Workspace:

  1. ide.icx
  2. ide.ini
  3. projects.sav

Kevin also points out that the above strategy assumes that the user falling back to the saved Workspaces installed in the same location on that user's file system.