Indexed properties

Ted Husted

Radio tags are usually rendered as such

<html:radio property="bidType" value="1" />Bid up to this amount on my behalf
<html:radio property="bidType" value="2" />Bid this exact amount
The radio tag then "selects itself" if the property matches the given value.

In Struts 1.1, a idName property was added, so you could provide the values from a collection. Of course, you also need to provide labels, so you need to use some type of label -alue collection.

I don't have an example handy, but I *believe* the code would go something like this:

<logic:iterate name="radioLabelValues" id="button">
<html:radio property="bidType" idName="button" value="value" /><bean:write name="button" property="label"<br>
Let me know if that actually works =:)

HTH, Ted.