I have a Servlet and a Servlet Filter that is supposed to apply an xsl to it. The transformation appears to work, I get back a transformed document, but it appears (in IE) as if IE thinks its an HTML document. Viewing source, and saving as an HTML file will display correctly. How can I correctly set the Content Type of the response?

Vincent Fischer



I figured this out. Many thanks go out to Matan Amir for pointing me in the right direction.

I used Ethereal (I couldn't get tcptrace to work), to verify that in fact the content type was "text/xml", instead of "text/html". So, I finally figured out that instead of:

I wrote:


I'm guessing the reason is because the response and request objects in the Filter cannot be modified... So instead, I made the changes to the wrapper. Of course, if I'd set my servlet to send the response as "text/html" this would work too, but the purpose of the assignment was to change the contentType...

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