We are moving from JDK 1.2 to JDK 1.3. The XML parser are also upgraded from Xerces to JAXP. Our application code uses XML extensively and uses inhouse XMLParcers.

Roseanne Zhang

  1. You have concepts problems. JAXP is just standard interfaces for you to use any JAXP compliant Java parser. And xerces is just one of them
  2. When you move to JAXP, you're still using xerces as your parser unless you want to switch vendors.
  3. What you need to do? Move your code to most recent stable build xerces first. Make as less changes as possible. Test your application during the move, don't break your application. If something does not work, fix it.
  4. Move to JAXP after that, actually not much left. Search the files for xerces. Change them to its parent interfaces or superclass in JAXP. Change one at a time. Don't break your application any time.
  5. You need to set a system property, otherwise, your application will be compilable, but not work.
  6. If some method does not exist in JAXP or work differently in JAXP, then you need to do more your own work to make it work in JAXP. Be conservative and creative.
  7. Good luck!
Why I know it? Since I've done it in a slight different scenario, but pretty similar.