What is the best way to send parameters to servlets when using the jsp:include statement to embed the servlet output inside of a JSP page?

Ryan Breidenbach

The best way to send parameters using the <jsp:include> action is with the <jsp:param> tag. This would look something like:

<jsp:include page="servletName" ...>
    <jsp:param name="paramName" value="paramValue">
<jsp:include />

Now, the included servlet can access these parameters the same way it accesses all other parameters: getParameter(String name).

The only caveat to this is if the parameter name being used in the <jsp:param> tag is already being used, it will add the new value. Therefore, in order access all the values associated with a parameter name, you will need to use getParameterValues(String name). Note: When a value is added to a list of values for a given parameter name using the <jsp:param> tag, the new value becomes the first value in the list.