How can I optimize my JSP pages for better search engine placement?

Rajeev Mahajan

Google will spider and index JSP(read dynamic page). However, because their web crawler can easily overwhelm and crash sites serving dynamic content, they limit the amount of dynamic pages they index. And not all search engines will index the dynamic urls. The more parameter you have in your query string the less like you will get spidered. Make sure that your URLs are not too long and they do not contain special characters (?,&,@). Many search engines will ignore and URLs that contain ? and &. If you are generating content from a database, code so that the database produces static .html pages, perhaps every 24 hours or so. Don't rely on JavaScript for navigation. It helps to keep the parameters short and the number of them small. Also the change the way the URL is generated. Make sure that your keywords, metatags, title and alt tags are descriptive and accurate. Hope it follows right track