How do i configure my router (SMC Barricade 7004-ABR) to work with TOMCAT.

John Mason

You have to open filters in your router or put the IP address of the system that is running tomcat in the DMZ system field.

The Baricade has a management interface that you access through a web browser. The document that came with your router or the information on SMC's web site should walk you through the change.

In short you need to allow people connecting from the internet to access your tomcat system on the port your running tomcat on. You can also call SMC support if you need someone to walk you through it.

Once you've got that setup you'll access it by going to the IP address of your routers WAN adapter. This is on the front screen of SMC's web based admin panel. The router will see your request and hand it over to the system that it's been told to send that port traffic to.