Is it possible in the struts-config.xml to configure action mappings for simple JSP<->Servlets relations. a.k.a I have pages that don't make use of any form thus they don't need struts ... But I wonder if there is a way to configure simple JSP<->Servlets mapping (WITHOUT actionForm or bean form) - How do you do you guys???

Ted Husted

You can use the forward property to associate a JSP or some other resource to the mapping path.


As a rule, most Struts architects recommend putting all the JSPs behind an ActionMapping, whether they use an Action or not. This puts a layer of security in front of your JSPs and makes it easier to migrate to "modules" in Struts 1.1.

You can also refer to other servlets in the same way, so long as they have been mapped to a URI.

HTH, Ted.