Is there any way to convert "Post" request to "Get" request dynamically in case of JSP, as there is only service method?

Prasad Thammineni

According to the JSP 1.1 spec when a JSP gets compiled it will generate the _jspService() method to handle the request. There is no mechanism available to provide your own _jspService() method, although you can specify the class the generated servlet class needs to extend. When you specify a base class using the <% page extends %> directive you need to comply by some rules. One of them being, the service() method of your base class should call the _jspService() method.

Refer to section 3.2 of the JSP 1.1 specificaition for a detailed example.

Lastly, if you decide not to use your own base class, the generated _jspService() method will handle both GET and POST methods. What I mean is that if you have a JSP page, you can request it from the address bar(GET) or post to it from a FORM. As long as you use the HttpServletRequest.getParameter(s)() methods you can get access to the parameters.