What are the prerequisites for log4j?

Michael Canzoneri

  • Log4j is JDK 1.1.x compatible.
  • The DOMConfigurator is based on the DOM Level 1 API. The DOMConfigurator.configure(Element) method will work with any XML parser that will pass it a DOM tree. The DOMConfigurator.configure(String filename) method and its variants require a JAXP compatible XML parser, for example Xerces or Sun's parser. Compiling the DOMConfigurator requires the presence of a JAXP parser in the classpath.
  • The org.apache.log4j.net.SMTPAppender relies on the JavaMail API. It has been tested with JavaMail API version 1.2. The JavaMail API requires the JavaBeans Activation Framework package.
  • The org.apache.log4j.net.JMSAppender requires the presence of the JMS API as well as JNDI.
  • log4j test code relies on the JUnit testing framework.