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Can somebody tell me the advantages/disadvantages of Allaire JRun versus Apache Tomcat?

Is there a freeware or shareware Web forum application written in Servlet or JSP?

How do I get the content (not the name) of an option in a choice box?

Why doesn't Tomcat find classes in jars in the WEB-INF/lib directory?

Can I use a java servlet to check if a browser is using 128 bit encryption?

CORBA and EJB's seem to basically do the same thing to me. To me it seems that the purpose of both of these architectures is to fill the middle tier area. Is this true? If so or if not, can you explain why and what the specific funtion of each of these architectures has?

How can I send a message to a folder other then the Inbox?

Where are the servlet source files for JSPs compiled in Tomcat?

How do I display a page to the user when basic authorization fails or is cancelled?

Why does my Servlet request lose UTF-8 encoding in passed-in attributes?

Getting a newly created id. Is there any way I can determine the auto-generated number with MySQL after performing an insert without sending another query?

Using the Java Connector Architecture with EJBs. Can I map an entity bean to an EIS for which a JCA resource manager exists? Ideally, I would like to use container managed persistence for this.

Is it possible to process JSP code written by a custom tag?

How do I restrict an user from exceeding data of a particular length in a TEXTAREA like we do with a text box using the maxlength attribute?

How do I convert a comma delimeted string of email addresses to an array of recipients for a message?