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What is the HelloWorld Servlet?

In our JSP form , we are accepting user name and passwords & we submit the form using POST method to a servlet. How safe is this? Is their any way someone can use a sniffer and get this password? What is the right way to accept usernames & passwords?

Is there a way I can get the context name and the servlet path from the init method of a servlet?

How can I pass XML generated by JSP to Cocoon for further processing?

Why doesn't Response.sendRedirect() work after the binding of Tomcat with Apache server?

How can one specify use of an external compiler to compile JSP files?

How do I assign the user's role without using a login form?

How can I submit an HTTP POST request when the user clicks a normal HREF link?

Inside a JSP, how to represent private methods and call them?

Where do I get source code for an Internet search engine?

Can I access a method declared in a jsp page from another jsp page?

If the attachment filename includes non-ASCII characters, how do I encode the name so that the name comes across appropriately?

How can I connect to mysql database using jdbc?

What are the components of the JDBC URL for Oracle's "thin" driver and how do I use them?

Why doesn't JDBC accept URLs instead of a URL string?