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How to implement an entity bean which the PrimaryKey is an autonumeric field

I have a problem with the LocateRegistry.createRegistry(int port) method.

How do I transfer a text file from server to client? I am trying to transfer a text file from server to client using File objects. but i am not getting success. so how can we transfer a text file without going into the Socket programming and streams.

Why do I get the error. org.xml.sax.SAXParseException : Element type "web-app" must be declared. when starting my web application? It has a web-app element already!

What is the meaning of marshalling and unmarshalling?

How can we hide the html source code when the user tries to view the source code from the browser's "view source" file menu option?

How to read a file from the WAR or webapp? If I have a configuration file, say an XML file, stored inside the WAR, how do I open it from a servlet?

How can I use JUnit to test J2EE/EJB applications?

Can I force the browser to save a downloaded file with a name I specify, rather than the name of the URL?

What causes an "javax.activation.UnsupportedDataTypeException: no object DCH for MIME type xxx/xxxx javax.mail.MessagingException: IOException while sending message;" to be sent and how do I fix this? [This happens for known MIME types like text/html.]

I am using ResultSetMetaData.getColumnLabel() to create headers for a table. I have specified column labels on the table ( DB2 on an AS/400, ) which show up when I run an SQL statement directly over the table, but the method returns the same data as getColumnName(). Any ideas, help or explanation?

Is there any way to generate offscreen images without relying on the native graphics support? I'd like to create an image without an X server running, or create an image with more colors than the current video mode.

How can I design my servlet/JSP so that query results get displayed on several pages, like the results of a search engine? Each page should display, say, 10 records each and when the next link is clicked, I should see the next/previous 10 records and so on.

How can I display content in the form of a Tree using JSP?

How can I precompile all my JSP files when I place them on my web site? I don't want to wait until they are hit the first time.