Server-Side Development Section Index | Page 184

How is Version 1.1 better than Version 1.0?

When was EJB 1.1 defined?

How do I access a database from my servlet or JSP?

How can I debug my servlet?

How can my applet or application communicate with my servlet?

What is the difference between URL encoding, URL rewriting, HTML escaping, and entity encoding?

Are there any ISPs that will host my servlets?

How do I send email from a servlet?

How do I integrate HTML design into my Servlet?

How can I detect whether the user accepted my cookie?

How do I use Session Tracking? That is, how can I maintain "session scope data" between servlets in the same application?

How do I mix JSP and SSI #include?

How do I get the name of the currently executing script?

My browser says "the server returned an invalid or unrecognized response" -- what gives?

How do I fully shut down the server?