What are the new features in Java EE 6?

Some of the key new features in Java EE 6 include the following:

  • Web Profile - A "lite," slimmed-down version of Java EE 6 that includes the technologies most Web applications need.
  • Presentation Enhancements - Web fragments, shared framework pluggability, support for asynchronous processing, annotations support and JSF 2.0.
  • Dependency Injection and Data Validation - A new Contexts and Dependency Injection (CDI) specification and a new Bean Validation specification.
  • Component Model and Services - No-interface view, singletons, asynchronous session bean invocation, simplified packaging and EJB Lite.
  • Persistence - Enhancements to JPQ, a new Criteria API, a JPA 2.0 metamodel API and two annotations in support of the new collection mappings.

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Java EE 6 Features: Dependency Injection, Bean Validation and EJB Enhancements

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