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How do you configure a session bean for bean-managed transactions?

Is it possible for a stateless session bean to employ a JTA UserTransaction object?

How does an enterprise bean that uses container-managed transactions obtain a JTA UserTransaction object?

Why would a session bean use bean-managed transactions?

How does a session bean obtain a JTA UserTransaction object?

Why would a client application use JTA transactions?

How does a client application that employs, say, session beans, obtain a JTA UserTransaction object from the EJB server?

Can a servlet maintain a JTA UserTransaction object across multiple servlet invocations?

Can different threads manipulate the same transaction?

What are the ramifications of mixing JTA and non-JTA transactions where the same resources are involved?

Do JTS implementations support nested transactions?

How does a Java applet obtain a transaction object?

How does a client application create a transaction object?

Is JTS related to CORBA's Object Transaction Service (OTS)?

What is the Java Transaction Service (JTS)?