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Where can I learn (more) about JCA (Java Connector Architecture)?

Where can I learn (more) about Java's support asynchronous and publish/subscribe messaging using JMS (Java Message Service)?

What is the default time for transaction manager? And how to set maximum time(timeout) for transaction?.

Are nested transactions supported?

What is the scope of a transaction?

Are transient writes transactioned?

How large can a transaction be?

When do I need to use transactions?

'What is a transaction? - 08.08.2001

Where can I learn (more) about Java's support for developing multi-threaded programs?

I am initiating a JTA transaction within a servlet. Subsequently, this servlet calls the method of a stateful session EJB. In this method some SQL statements are executed and an entity bean is looked up and updated. After the return of that method, the servlet commits the JTA transaction. The stateful session EJB as well as the entity EJB are declared as with TRANSACTION REQUIRED and are placed in two different EJB servers. However, after commit, only the changes due to the SQL statements are done in the database. It looks like the entity bean EJB server does not consider the JTA transaction. Any idea?

Where can I find the API documentation for the Java Transaction API (JTA)?

How can I manage long duration transactions?

How does a bean access multiple databases in the same transaction?

Is it possible to write a stand-alone application (a client or a non-J2EE environment) that can take advantage of distributed transactions using JTA? How? Is it vendor dependent, or are there any standards for writing such applications?