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What are the Servlet equivalents to all the CGI environment variables?

How do I download a (binary, text, executable) file from a servlet or JSP?

How do I open and redirect to a popup window from a servlet? (Under certain circumstances I want my servlet to bust out of the frames and redirect to another servlet or page.)

How do I upload a file to my servlet or JSP?

How do I create an image (GIF, JPEG, etc.) on the fly from a servlet?

What is the HelloWorld Servlet?

Is there a way I can get the context name and the servlet path from the init method of a servlet?

Why doesn't Response.sendRedirect() work after the binding of Tomcat with Apache server?

How do I assign the user's role without using a login form?

How can I submit an HTTP POST request when the user clicks a normal HREF link?

Inside a JSP, how to represent private methods and call them?

Where do I get source code for an Internet search engine?

Can somebody tell me the advantages/disadvantages of Allaire JRun versus Apache Tomcat?

Is there a freeware or shareware Web forum application written in Servlet or JSP?

How do I get the content (not the name) of an option in a choice box?