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Where can I learn (more) about Java's support for developing multi-threaded programs?

Where can I learn (more) about Java Serialization?

Where can I learn (more) about Java networking capabilities?

Is it possible for a client to send an event to an RMI object, and vice versa?

Say I take some class file: how can I know if it is a stub or a plain class file? Do not tell me by file name. I need a technical answer that is made on the basis of the content of the binary file.

I need to generate a GUID and have seen suggestions about using an RMI server but nothing about how to actually generate the GUID itself.

Where can I find examples of using SSL with Java RMI?

Is it possible to run rmiregistry on a different machine than the remote object? How is it possible for remote objects running on different machines to "share" a common registry?

Is it possible to use the java.server.rmi.codebase property with file urls which have spaces in the name? For this property, space is the delimiter which defines multiple entries in this property. This is particularly important on NT systems.

What is RMI?

Why doesn't my applet's RMI-calls work in a web-browser? They are working correctly on a appletviewer. The applet is running within the web-browser, but RMI-calls are not working at all. Any idea what the problem is? Can there be some security problems? I am using both Internet Explorer 5.0 and Netscape.

How can I start rmid in the background under win32? I found that javaw sun.rmi.registry.RegistryImpl does it for rmiregistry. Is there something like this for rmid? If I use "start rmid", I get a dos console all the time.

Where can I get a simple example of RMI callback?

Why do I continue to get ClassNotFoundException on server stub class?

Can I use the RMI registry for the commercial purpose without having to pay Sun royalties or licensing fees for the same? My guess is I don't since it is a part of the JRE, but what is the definitive answer on this?