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How can I log my remote server calls?

How do I send a ResultSet back to a client using RMI?

Is "pass by value" enforced for calls within the same VM to objects that implement java.rmi.Remote? In other words, if I'm writing an object that implements java.rmi.Remote, can I assume that calls to it that originate within the local VM will enjoy the same "copy by value" rules for serializable parameters?

Is there a mailing list for RMI discussions?

Is there another RMI FAQ that I can look at?

How does Java RMI differ from Jini?

What's new in RMI under Java 2?

What is the purpose of the java.rmi.server.useCodebaseOnly property?

When would I use the java.rmi.server.codebase property?

What are the different RMI system configurations possible?

Why is that my remote objects can bind themselves only with a rmiregistry running on the same host?

I get the exception "java.net.SocketException: Address already in use" whenever I try to run rmiregistry. Why?

Is there a servlet implementation of the java-rmi.cgi script for enabling call forwarding when using RMI across firewalls?

Is it true that my RMI applet can make socket connections only to the host from which the applet was downloaded from?

What's the cleanest way to have a client terminate a RMI server that is no longer needed?