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I have a JSP which is divided into 2 side-by-side frames.

Iam looking for the tool which converts JHTML files into JSP files, is anybody using any tool or is there any way to convert it , if so kindly share the knowledge with some examples.

I want to download the file, whatever the type of the file may be. If i select to download the doc type file, it should open in the word doc only, but not in the notepad.

I am using struts(Jakarta's) framework, when I click on a link from one jsp, the form is getting submitted multiple times. I am using only one form, and only one javascript method to submit that form. Is there any way to fix that problem?

I have to implement a download module wherein I have to give only registered users the requested files.

In my JSP page i want to provide dynamic path substitution of HREF value in anchor tag .

I want to know how can I redirect to a jsp Page whe session of the page expires. I use Resin 2.1.5.

How can i use xslt and jsp to generate multiple views?

I am sending form post variables thru HttpURLConnection class then i am not able to access existing session. How can i send variables as form post without breaking my existing session.

The issue of security and firewalls has creeped up on us. 'Someone' has pointed out that JSP is a security sieve. Jie, what we are trying to determine is, 1. Have you been using JSP for your applications? 2. If so, are some of them older/not used anymore, and are others at a stage where conversion to PHP can be down with a reasonable amount of back-coding?

I have a page that has an Add button. On clicking that, a child window opens. When the child window form is submitted by the user the (child)window should close and the parent form should be reloaded. (And this should not happen before the child form does its processing..or else the updates wont be seen:)

How to output/dump JSP data into a pdf file?

Is it possible to give different session timeouts for different groups of users?

I have a web report which is done using JSP & HTML

By using innerHTML in jsp page which need to populate the data from database in to that page without refreshing that.