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How can I prevent my public JSP page from appearing within the search results of an engine like Google or Yahoo?

What can be done using the session object once it has been invalidated?

What is the scope of <%@ page errorPage="" %>? Does it get passed to jsp:forwarded pages? Does it get passed to jsp:included pages?

I have the same JNDIRealm used for authentication in different webapps. I would like to be able to "persist" user login between different webapps. In other words if user logs in to one %TOMCAT_HOME%/webapps/app1 and then clicks on a link that leads to %TOMCAT_HOME%/webapps/app2 I want to make sure that user does not need to re-authenticate.

Whenever I send a € (euro) sign to the server, I receive a? at the server. How do I solve this problem?

How to make jsp work in IIS server.Is there any plugin?

I've been using Tomcat for some time however, i only started to explore the in-built Manager.

I have written a static method in java class to read application specific properties from property file. This static method can be used by JSPs and other java classes. In order to load properties, I have to provide real path of the properties file. Since, this path is different on dev, staging and production m/c.

I have got a problem using <jsp:include page="/access/template.jsp" flush="true" /> tag in WSAD. Above url is located in another web project. So when I validate my web project, I am getting broken link error message in the task console.

i have this problem of refreshing my updated .jsp page. It seems that even if i updated my .jsp with a new file. Tomcat will still load the old page. I am very sure that i have updated the file with the new one.Currently to solve this problem, the only way i can do is to restart my whole linux server and reload the client page again. Please advice me on what i should do and i have been trying a lot of ways but in vain.

I have a jsp with a textarea field. The user can enter any text inside that . The problem here is when the user enters any html tags inside that ,then the format of the output is changed .So I want to restrict the user / remove the html tags inside the textarea .

In a JSP session object, why is there the restriction that any object put into the session must be a serialized objects?

I am designing a webpage using jsps and i am trying to set up my login page. when the user clicks on the sin-in button they are taken to a screen aking them to enter their username and password,which i have stored in a MySQL database.

Can I get a code snippet or a reference to any website on how to run and close an external application from the JSP page or through a servlet? Like, Is it possible to run MS-WORD through a click on the JSP page?

Please can anyone tell me how i can tell if the remote browser has been closed half-way through the execution of a jsp program. I must be missing something very simple as it is a very important feature of jsp, so could someone please educate this poor peon on this topic.