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In our JSP form , we are accepting user name and passwords & we submit the form using POST method to a servlet. How safe is this? Is their any way someone can use a sniffer and get this password? What is the right way to accept usernames & passwords?

How can I pass XML generated by JSP to Cocoon for further processing?

How can one specify use of an external compiler to compile JSP files?

Inside a JSP, how to represent private methods and call them?

Can I access a method declared in a jsp page from another jsp page?

Is there a freeware or shareware Web forum application written in Servlet or JSP?

Where are the servlet source files for JSPs compiled in Tomcat?

Is it possible to process JSP code written by a custom tag?

How do I restrict an user from exceeding data of a particular length in a TEXTAREA like we do with a text box using the maxlength attribute?

How can I create a protected, "restricted" website? I.e., where someone can only access the site by e.g., entering a password.

I need to find out how to transform a xml document and save the results using JSP. The JSP will request the source documents of the xml and xsl from a form (ie file already exist on the server) and the JSP would save the results to a file on the server. I can achieve this though a GUI and applying the templates and saving the results to a file bit the same code doesn't work with the JSP. I am using the Java API for xml woth Xalan XSLT processor.

How can I get details regarding a browser (make, version, platform, etc.) from within a JSP page?

I am using a response.sendRedirect(response.encodeRedirectURL(page)) in a custom tag.

How can I use the the result of isValid() method of TagExtraInfo class in my application to validate the attributes of a custom jsp tag since my tag class and the class which extends TagExtraInfo are different classes?

I have an html page which is used to submit data into a jsp page. This jsp page invokes a bean, which may take a lot of time to execute. I need to show an intermediate page which says "executing bean", while the bean is being executed. How can I do this?