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What is LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol)?

How do you use the JNDI ENC to access JavaMail?

What books cover JNDI (Java Naming and Directory Interface)?

Are there any JNDI tutorials?

How do you add an entry to an LDAP server using JNDI?

Can I redistribute Sun's JNDI software?

Where can I get the JNDI reference implementation?

What's new in JNDI v1.2?

Where is the official documentation for JNDI?

Can I mix JNDI v1.1 with JNDI v1.2?

What's the relationship between LDAP and JNDI?

What is an LDAP Distinguished Name?

What's the format of an LDAP URL?

What's a Naming System or Service?

Are there any books that provide decent JNDI coverage?