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In using DirContext.search() and using the password field as a filter, I'm getting a NamingException with "no such algorithm" as the message. What does that mean?

How can I use LDAP with JSP?

How can I obtain a JNDI Context from inside an applet?

When using JNDI with LDAP, how can I get the DN (Distinguished Name) from a DirContext?

How can I configure JNDI to use SSL to connect to an LDAP server?

Can I have my JSP container access JSP pages which are not present in a local file system by doing a JNDI lookup?

Are there any complete JNDI service provider (SPI) examples that use federation?

Where can I get a JNDI provider for NetWare?

How does one abandon a directory search before completion?

Where can I find the API documentation of the Java Naming and Directory Interface (JNDI)?

When (manually) deploying an EJB where do you specify the JNDI name that the bean is bound to in the JNDI tree?

How do I create an authenticated session to an LDAP server?

How do I use JNDI to locate the home interface of an EJB running on a different host? My client's InitialContext doesn't seem to know where the server is.

What special characters do I have to encode for an LDAP name?

How can I use a database connection pool within a servlet or JSP page?