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How do I find out if an IMAP server supports a particular capability?

Where can I find a regular expression to validate an email address?

How do I get the size of a message that I am going to send? The getSize() method works fine with received message but returns -1 if I use it with a message that I am going to send!

How do I configure JavaMail to work through my proxy server?

What's new in JavaMail 1.3.1?

What is the format of the Content-ID header?

Is it possible to send a message that identifies if the mailreader is configurate to read HTML or text mail?

Can someone please specify the technique of message sorting within folder according to some criteria say Header Information?

How do I display POP3 message body properly in a browser? When i use message.writeTO() it displays without line breaks.

Can I create a MimeMessage using one Session say session1 and send the mail using another Session session2?

Why do binary file attachment sizes increase by about 15-20% when sending a message?

Can JavaMail be used from a Message Driven Bean? The EJB specifictation requires that the bean implementation must be single-threaded. Isn't JavaMail multi-threaded? If so, can it be used from a Message Driver Bean?

How much does James cost?

How can I contribute to the James project?

How can I configure sendmail to route messages through James for filtering/scanning?