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Where can I find out more about the features new to the 1.4 release of JavaMail?

Is there support for the IMAP IDLE command in JavaMail?

How you can know that two parts in an email (typically a text/plain and text/html) are the same thing?

How can I list the name of the files attached to a message without invoking getBodyPart()?

How do I use the default mail client to send an email?

What string do I pass to SimpleDateFormat to format the message date to spec - getSentDate() method of Message?

What is GlassFish?

What version of JavaMail does GlassFish contain?

How is JavaMail licensed?

How do I find out the number of deleted messages in a folder?

How do I set the default character encoding for JavaMail to use?

How do I get the sender of an email?

How do I calculate the size of an entire folder?

How do I package a JavaMail application into a single jar file along with the mail.jar and activation.jar?

How do I get rid of unused connections? Doing something like checking for the existance of an IMAP folder leaves the connection open.