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How can I add/delete mail user accounts with JavaMail?

Can I get a trace of the actual SMTP commands sent to the mail server?

How do I include a text name with the from header, besides just an email address?

How secure is JavaMail?

How can I send an attachment using sun.net.smtp.SmtpClient?

How do I send email with attachments using the JavaMail API?

How do I encrypt the body text of an email? Can I use PGP in conjunction with JavaMail?

How do I deal with attachments when reading messages?

How does one determine the number of new mail messages in a POP account?

Where can I find an NNTP provider for the JavaMail API?

How can I find out how many messages are waiting to be read on my IMAP/POP server?

How does JavaMail deal with queuing mail when the initial attempt fails?

How do you send mail using the JavaMail API through a proxy server?

How do I send mail from an applet?

How can I read a mail message from my mail server?