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When was J2EE 1.3 released?

When was J2EE 1.4 released?

What kind of certification does JBoss offer?

What is GlassFish?

Brief description on the 4 interfaces applicable to EJBs (Remote, Local, Home, LocalHome): when to use them and the differences between them?

EJB is scalable because it can run in cluster environment. What is there in EJB specification and in Application Server that supports this feature ?

Synchronization of Stateless Session bean instances. Is there anyway by which we can update/modify (not on server start up but at actual application run time) value of instance variables of ll stateless session bean instances present in the pool??

What are the additional features of EJB 2.1 over EJB 2.0

why we use home interface in EJB. In RMI we dont have any concept like home interface.why we particularly go for Home Interface Both RMI and EJB are distributed applications. In EJB we use Home interface which is not avaliable in RMI. There must be several reasons for using Home Interface of EJB. can any one give reason for this?

How is JDO different from VO ?

How many EJB Objects are created for a Bean

Can JavaMail be used from a Message Driven Bean? The EJB specifictation requires that the bean implementation must be single-threaded. Isn't JavaMail multi-threaded? If so, can it be used from a Message Driver Bean?

How to register a connection to a database with a JNDI name and use the JNDI name specified?

What are the differences between EJB 1.1 and EJB 2.0?

Session Bean transactions. Why EJB 1.1 specs says that Session Beans can have BM or CM transaction, but not both in same bean?