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What are the advantages and disadvantages of locating the server objects by using naming service rather than VisiBroker's OSagent.

I want to pass a Java Object, say an Image or an Image Icon, using CORBA. How I write the IDL for it and how do I write the server code in Java for it?

In an IDL file, I declare a method which has a string parameter.

In CORBA, how do you cast an object reference to a more specific type?

What is IIOP Tunneling? What are the pros and cons of this?

Where can I find a simple "Hello World" example for CORBA?

I want to connect to the Java naming service (tnameserv) from an Orbix application.

I want to send a list as a parameter with CORBA. How do I do that? How do I write it in IDL?

How can I figure out what information an IOR includes? The CORBA Specs didn't help - they were not clear enough.

Is it possible to encrypt the communication between CORBA objects? Does something exist in the CORBA specification for this?

What are the threading models of CORBA? Does the ORB service each request by creating a thread? Which ORB vendors support multi-threading? How about Sun's JavaIDL ORB?

Can someone show me a simple example of how to get an object reference to an object built using Orbix 3.0.1 C++.

How does CORBA compare to RMI? to SOAP? to .NET?

I am writing some common interfaces in IDL. The question came up of whether to use ODL.

Can I write a client which uses a Naming Service other than tnameserv without having to ship any libraries for another ORB?