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I am converting an application from VisiBroker 3.0 to VisiBroker 4.0. What are the issues that I must address? Where can I get more information about it?

I have a factory object which returns a transient CORBA object to the client which will be a servlet. The object reference will be stored in the servlet session object on a per user basis.

I am working on Visibroker 4.2 with jdk 1.2.2. I have multiple queries coming as a single CORBA request. While processing the queries if some thing goes wrong and the server crashes, is there any way by which the server can still process the queued requests after restarting?

Is it possible call a CORBA object from JavaScript? Is it possible from an applet? How?

Do CORBA implementations of different vendors interoperate easily?

How reliable is the oneway operation in CORBA?

How can I pass a serializable Java object by value using CORBA? What would the IDL be?

How can I convert Java interfaces to Corba IDL?

How to write the IDL if I just want to transport a Java object using CORBA? Both the client and the server are written in Java.

I am attempting to develop connectivity between a CORBA server and a EJB in both directions. Our development platform is VisualAge For Java EE 3.02 and Visibroker. The deployment environment is WebSphere AE 3.02 and Visibroker. When I follow the instructions for the VA IDL development Environment, I must remove the WebSphere Test Environment because of conflicts between the CORBA classes with the Visibroker ORB.

I am using VisiBroker 4.5 and JDK 1.3 ORBs, but am not able to have the two talk to each other.

My CORBA server is down. Now if the CORBA client invokes a method through the name server it (the name server) does not start the CORBA server to fulfill this request.

Has anyone ever tried to send a file through Java ORB instead of using the ftp protocol?

I need a solution for communicating to a COM based Application which has a C++ based API from a CORBA/Java based Server. In brief, when the CORBA/Java server receives requests from a CORBA/Java Applet client, it has to talk to a COM/C++ application, process the request and get back the result to the Java client. How can I accomplish this communication?

How does one issue a request on an object that located in different network? We want to use the CORBA Naming Service and do not want to specify the server's IP address.