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What features are in Servlet 3.0?

What are the new features in Java EE 6?

What is the Java EE 6 Web Profile?

How do I check if a Connection is still valid / has been closed?

When using getMessagesByUID(long start, long end) to fetch a range of messages by UID, how to I specify the last available UID?

How do I use the @PostConstruct annotation in EJB 3.0?

What is the difference between RequestDispatcher's forward(ServletRequest request, ServletResponse response) method and HttpServletResponse's sendRedirect(String location) method?

I want to run JSP files using the Tomcat server, where should I place my JSP files?

How can I print the stack trace of an Exception out to my JSP page?

How can I serve Word/Excel documents to a web client from JSP's and/or servlets?

Cross Site Scripting (XSS) with Jakarta Tomcat.

I am writing a simple jsp to retrieve and save from/to my MySQL db. My retrieve and save functions work great. Now, depending on the action in the browser, I would only like to invoke one of the methods. For example, for the onChange event, I would like to get the info from the db. For the onClick event, I would like to save the info to the db. Considering these actions are on the client side and jsp is on the server side, is there a way to do this? If not, does anyone have a suggestion on how this can be done?

What's difference between Servlet/JSP session and EJB session?

What is session facade?

What is the role of the controller in MVC architecture?