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Are there any good mailing lists on eXtreme Programming (XP)?

Which patterns were used by Sun in designing the Enterprise JavaBeans model?

Do any other major design patterns exist besides the ones described in the GoF book?

Where can I get UML diagrams for the core Java packages?

What's an example application of the Command design pattern?

What are parameterized classes in UML?

When would I use the delegation pattern instead of inheritence to extend a class's behavior?

How can I make sure at most one instance of my class is ever created?

Are there any Computer-Aided Software Engineering (CASE) tools that support UML?

Are there Web-specific elements of the UML?

What major patterns do the Java APIs utilize?

What mailing lists are available about patterns?

Calendar is an abstract class. The getInstance() method tries to instantiate GregorianCalendar() i.e., parent instantiating a derived class. This looks Non-OO? Ex: Calendar a=Calendar.getInstance(); Can somebody explain why is it so?

What is an example of a design pattern?

Where can I learn more about design patterns?