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What is the status of the UML-EJB Mapping Specification (JSR 26)?

Where can I find good examples of the Prototype pattern?

How do you represent an attribute of a class that is a container type, such as a vector of objects of some other class?

How would you use UML to model the following relationship?

How do you represent a CORBA IDL file with UML? Is there a standard way to do it? Is there a standard symbol?

How and where did the concept of design patterns get started?

What are Process Patterns?

What is the difference between sequence diagrams and collaboration diagrams?

How should a boundary object be implemented in the Java language?

What do all of these XP (eXtreme Programming) acronyms mean?

OOAD helps us in breaking down a problem domain into, so to speak, a set of classes that collaborate to provide a solution.

Are there any other FAQs about patterns available?

How do I model the static and a dynamic aspects of the User Interface of a system?

How can I use JUnit to test a method that takes a complex parameter - like an HttpServletRequest?

Where can I find help (suggested readings, mock exams, links, etc.) in preparing for the IBM certification test OOA&D in UML (test 486)?