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What is ACE (Adaptive Communication Environment)?

What patterns are particularly useful in building networked applications?

What are Anti-Patterns?

Where can I find good examples of the Prototype pattern?

How and where did the concept of design patterns get started?

What are Process Patterns?

Are there any other FAQs about patterns available?

How can I use JUnit to test a method that takes a complex parameter - like an HttpServletRequest?

What is the disadvantage of using the Singleton pattern? It is enticing to use this pattern for all the classes as it makes it easy to get the reference of the singleton object.

What is the "evictor" pattern? Where can I find an implementation for Java and POA?

What tools support the development and use of patterns?

What are factory classes?

How does "Extreme Programming" (XP) fit with patterns?

What are the differences between analysis patterns and design patterns?

What is an analysis pattern?