Java Tools Section Index | Page 94

How do I process or examine each token consumed by the parser?

How do I handle #include files or other nested input streams?

How can I return a tree via the return value mechanism (instead of the automatic AST construction mechanism) and access it in an invoking rule?

Can I do (one-pass) code generation with a tree parser? What is the normal code generation strategy?

How do I propagate/copy a type tree to multiple declarators of a variable declaration?

How do I recognize identifiers that can start with a number?

Does ANTLR always backtrack if I use a syntactic predicates?

Why doesn't my definition of string or comment does not match all characters in my input or why aren't my tokens defined by string literals matched by the lexer?

How can I avoid traversing a subtree while tree parsing? Is there an operator or command for this?

How can I handle '-' (minus sign) in my identifiers or keywords?

How to I create a list nodes instead of a two-dimensional tree?

Why do I get the following Java interpreter error: "Can't find antlr/Tool"?

What is the difference between a heterogeneous tree and a homogeneous tree; why would I want one over the other?

How can I deal with statements split across lines with a continuation character like Fortran or COBOL or the C preprocessor?

What do "syntax" and "semantics" mean and how are they different?