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How can I start Tomcat as a daemon in Linux?

How can I change the memory heap size settings of JVM in Netscape Application Server (version 3.6)?

How to read a file from the WAR or webapp? If I have a configuration file, say an XML file, stored inside the WAR, how do I open it from a servlet?

How can I use JUnit to test J2EE/EJB applications?

How do I change the port from 8080 to 80?

I am using ResultSetMetaData.getColumnLabel() to create headers for a table. I have specified column labels on the table ( DB2 on an AS/400, ) which show up when I run an SQL statement directly over the table, but the method returns the same data as getColumnName(). Any ideas, help or explanation?

How do I disable JavaScript in Internet Explorer?

How can I use multiple lexers to scan my input (how do I get "lexer states")?

Why doesn't encodeURL() work in Apache-Tomcat? It works fine with Tomcat standalone.

What debugging tools exist for Java?

How do I use the DLLs from Tomcat to Servlet-enable Microsoft IIS?

While I am still making changes to a servlet code, how can I make a servlet reload every time I test it?

All I know is that I need to build a parser or translator. Give me an overview of what ANTLR does and how I need to approach building things with ANTLR.

Can Lucene index PDF files?

How can I pass XML generated by JSP to Cocoon for further processing?