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Is ANTLR appropriate for building a line-oriented preprocessor like the C preprocessor or m4?

What's the difference between a parse tree and an abstract syntax tree (AST)? Why doesn't ANTLR generate trees with nodes for grammar rules like JJTree does?

Why do I get the error. org.xml.sax.SAXParseException : Element type "web-app" must be declared. when starting my web application? It has a web-app element already!

How are special characters escaped in Ant build files?

Why does IndexReader's maxDoc() return an 'incorrect' number of documents sometimes?

How do I get <javac> to list each file that it is compiling?

What is refactoring ? IDEA's feature list mentions 'refactoring'. What is it and where can I learn more about it ?

How can I delete files depending on their age?

How can I test for JVM versions?

Associate file types. How can I associate .java or .jsp (or whatever) file types with IDEA in Windows?

What's the current version of IDEA?

Are Wildcard, Prefix, and Fuzzy queries case sensitive?

How can I index and search digits and other non-alphabetic characters?

How do I get <exec> to work for shell commands on Windows platforms?

How do I pass command-line arguments to my build?