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How do I set up my own web application in addition to the default_app that is built into VAJ Websphere Runtime?

How do I move a Enterprise bean from one package to another? After I move the bean from to the new package how do I rename this bean?

How do I create a Custom Finder Object that selects a group of Entity Beans based on criteria that are in other (joined) tables? (i.e. Show me all Customers that have ordered aluminum widgets)

I tried to start the server of a simple EJB and a ClassNotFoundException exception was thrown, looking for the COM.ibm.db2.jdbc.app.DB2Driver. Where can I find this driver and why does it need it? I am not doing anything with DB access. Using VAJ 3.0 on Win NT 4.

How do I get the EJB sample entity beans to run under VAJ v3.0?

When I install the Java2 Early Adopters version of VAJ3EE, only a fraction of the enterprise features are available - which don't include EJB or IDL. Why?

The Enterprise JavaBean (EJB) and Servlet Builder features do not appear in my copy of VAJ. What's wrong?