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I want to develop EJB 1.1 using VAJ 3.5. But it only supports EJB 1.0. For example, while exporting the Deployed JAR/EJB JAR, it does not create a XML deployment descriptor, but a serialzed (.ser) file. What do I need to do? Will VAJ 4.0 solve this?

When using Websphere 3.5, VisualAge and Oracle to develop CMP EJB's I receive the following error: "Unable to insert data into a NOT NULL field". What am I doing wrong?

Using VisualAge for Java, the servlet engine starts but while accessing it from the browser it is giving an error 503.

In VAJ Enterprise, are there any best practices or usage scenarios for team development of EJB's?

What is the step by step procedure to deploy the EJB's in the WebSphere Test Environment in VAJ?

How can I get the EJB tab on the Workbench in VAJ Enterprise Edition?

Where should I put resource files that are needed at runtime by servlets, JSP's, and/or EJB's that I want to run in the WTE in VAJ?

How do I add Tomcat support to VisualAge for Java 3.5?

When authoring entity beans with CMP fields, VAJ can create getter methods with names like getVar1(), getVar2(), etc. If the fields are of type boolean, VAJ may generate getter methods with names isVar1(), isVar2(), etc. Where is the option to set this behaviour (default naming convention)?

I have been encountering problems when attempting to re-generate deployed code when splitting EJB's from one group into multiple packages. Does VAJ expect (or require) one package per EJB group?

How do you get EJB CMP to work in VAJ using Oracle as the backend (specifically, oracle 8.1.5), as opposed to DB2?

Does WebSphere Test Environment of VA3.0 (Prof.Edition) support WebSphere Connection Pool Manager?

Is there any documentation or examples available on how to use (already generated) servlets that extend PageListServlet?

How can I set up the VAJ Websphere Test Environment in VAJ to use the database Connection Pool Manager in Websphere 3.02?

Can I use VAJ version 2.0 to develop servlets and test or debug it without starting web server? Is there any third party provide tools that do this and can be integrated into VAJ?