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I need a open source JavaScript debugger to work with the NetBeans IDE

Where do I submit bugs found in the Java platform?

Where do I get the latest Java 7 early access release?

How do I disable GZIP compress with the pack200 tool?

When were the pack200 and unpack200 commands introduced to the JDK?

What are the pack200 and unpack200 command-line tools for?

Where does one get development tools for BenQ-Siemens phones?

What developer support options does Nokia offer for J2ME development?

Where do I get the tools to develop for the GSPDA Japser S20 JavaOne phone from SavaJe?

Where do I find support for J2ME development for the Motorola platform?

Where do I get the Sony Ericsson SDK for the Jav ME Platform?

How to extract a jar file.

How do I test my AJAX code?

How can I develop midlets with NetBeans?

I want to develop EJB 1.1 using VAJ 3.5. But it only supports EJB 1.0. For example, while exporting the Deployed JAR/EJB JAR, it does not create a XML deployment descriptor, but a serialzed (.ser) file. What do I need to do? Will VAJ 4.0 solve this?