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As default, I18N Struts-applications are managed by the language in the browser. I would like it to be based on a language-code in the users login and thus I need to set the locale/language designation that controls Struts. .

The problem I am noticing is that when the second action is being invoked, the form is being 'repopulated' with the initial form values that the form had when it was passed to the first action.

I would like to isolate the business logic to a bean class and use the scaffold ProcessAction class ala the Artimus app in Struts in Action. Since the bean class has all the business logic, how do I communicate errors?

We're using EJBs as for our Model. Is it correct for the Action to know about the Model interfaces?

Do all the ActionMappings share one action instance? What happens when I have a custom Action that uses property setters from the struts-config.xml to set properties during use of that action.

Is there a way to lock a form if the form is in use? The intention is to avoid two users submitting the same form.

I have a button on my form that's suppose to submit the form. The script works on other forms, but not when I use it with Struts. Why would this be?

A "switch case" tag - Maybe Tedd knows???

I use the tag IMG to display images on my site - It however looks like I am limited in what I attempt to do because this tag can only access images that are located within the application directory.

How to open a new browser window with new new page from action class.

Struts Tip #18 - Use EJBs with care

Struts Tip #17 - Don't settle for <html:error/>

Struts Tip #16 - How to (not) check a radio button

testing a struts application i wan't to test a struts-application

Struts Tip #15 - Use chained exceptions