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I have 3 buttons in JSP page(next, previous, save). How can I identify which was clicked and where should that particular identification and associated action be within a Struts application?

How do I remove all leading and trailing whitespace in all user inputs of a form automatically?

How can I have a data field of type "Date" in my struts form (corresponding to an entry in a jsp page)? The form class generally has getters and setters for String and Boolean, not "Date".

Is Junit or cactus better for testing struts applications?

Preventing users from accesing action.

Indexed properties

By default logic:iterate will increment the loop by 1. What do i need to do if i need to increment the loop by 2?

I have an application which has around 30 forms.We are using dyna action forms. I have one action which has to be called from all these 30 forms. So do I need to have to need 30 mappings in the config file for each form? How will I handle that.. Thanks for the help, Manoj.

I have a jsp associated with an ActionForm. I want a parameter passed in the url become an hidden field of the actionForm.

struts GenericDataSource

How do ActionMappings fit into the overall architechture of an application?

I'm in the process of converting a webapp to using struts, am trying to use "best" practices to make sure that I keep presentation split from business, and I was wondering what all of you experts do to handle the data transition from model business logic beans to the presentation.

Dynamic pages using struts

How to display a confirmation dialog

I need to populate property lists in an ActionForm from a database. For different application user, I store the userid in session attribute. The data is based on userid. How can I get the userid session attribute within the ActionForm? I know it's easy to do this in an Action class, but I would like to do it in the JSP.