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How can I index Powerpoint documents?

Where does the name Lucene come from?

What is the difference between IndexWriter.addIndexes(IndexReader[]) and IndexWriter.addIndexes(Directory[]), besides them taking different arguments?

How can I index PDF documents?

How can I index XML documents?

What are all possible concurrent Lucene requests?

Why does IndexReader's maxDoc() return an 'incorrect' number of documents sometimes?

Are Wildcard, Prefix, and Fuzzy queries case sensitive?

How can I index and search digits and other non-alphabetic characters?

Can Lucene index PDF files?

Can Lucene do a "search within search", so that the second search is constrained by the results of the first query?

Can I use Lucene to index text in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and other multi-byte character sets?

Where does the name Lucene come from?

Can I cache search results with Lucene?

Why can't I use Lucene with IBM JDK 1.3.1?