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How can I create a Windows executable (.exe file) from JBuilder?

Since JBuilder 3.5 comes with the JSWDK, which supports Servlet API 2.1/JSP 1.0, how can I get it to use Servlet API 2.2 / JSP 1.1?

Is JBuilder written entirely in Java?

Is there any way to configure the settings of the compiler in JBuilder 3.5? What settings of the compiler can be configured?

What is the Open Tools API? What is it used for and where can I learn more about it?

Are there any mailing lists for the discussion of Inprise's JBuilder IDE?

How do I specify command-line arguments to my application when using JBuilder?

How do I add something to the classpath of my project in JBuilder ?

Where can I find information on the easter eggs hidden in JBuilder?

Where can I get the JBuilder 3 JIT for Linux?

What is JBCL?

Is there a web ring for sites of interest to JBuilder users?

How can I develop J2ME applications with JBuilder?

How do I request a new feature for JBuilder?

What is TeamB?