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Can we connect to Microsoft Visual Source Safe from JBuilder?

Which version and/or edition(s) of JBuilder can I use to write a RMI-IIOP program? Do I need to download any extra's?

How can I change the cell ( not entire column ) background color in JdbTable ?

How do I generate JavaDoc in JBuilder, Is there a way to do it without going through "javadoc" tool from Sun?

Does JBuilder's Developer Journal really exist? I've never seen a copy. If yes, how frequently is it published?

How can I create EJB XML Deployment Descriptors in JBuilder4.0? Which servers are supported?

Is it possible to generate the output of my JBuilder project as a Jar file that is debuggable?.

Is there any way of getting an Image from the System clip board?

What configuration management / version control options are available when developing with JBuilder?

Which extra libraries do I need to deploy for my applet to work with the components from JBuilder - "DataExpress" and "DB Swing" ?

Can I configure JBuilder to run my applet inside another web browser rather than the appletviewer?

Where can I find a list of what's new in JBuilder 4.0?

How do you add a new driver to the JDBC Explorer tool. The documentation states that the drivers must be loaded, but it does not say how to do it.

Are there any other JBuilder FAQs available?

Where can I find OpenTools for JBuilder?