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Can you use the "Visual Designer" to visually develop palm applications with "HandHeld Express" in JBuilder 4?

How can I setup the JBuilder editor to show matching braces similar to how vi works (when you close a block)?

How can I run an application developed using JBuilder on a machine that does not have JBuilder?

How can I Integrate JBuilder with Tomcat?

Where can I find step-by-step instructions to setup JBuilder to work with WebLogic ?

Does JBuilder support Code Insight for JSP pages?

Is there in JBuilder something like QuickReport in Delphi for generating database reports? If no, what is the usual way to writing such reports using Java?

Does JBuilder support the writing of SQLJ code in the IDE?

How can I configure JBuilder to show the documentation of a source file?

How do I set the docBase for the ROOT app in the integrated Tomcat environment in JBuilder 4, it always defaults to C:. Where is the configuration setting to change this and correct the generated server.xml file that Tomcat uses?

Where can I find examples of using InternetBeans Express beyond the documentation included with JBuilder 4?

Is there any way to turn off the dependency checker in JBuilder, so that it can compile just one class?

How can I get JBuilder to remotely debug my servlets/JSPs with the iPlanet server?

Does JBuilder support WebLogic Enterprise, or just WebLogic Server?

Is there a way to generate make files from JBuilder's jpr files?