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Does JBuilder 5 work with Windows Millenium Edition? For some reason their web site doesn't list it as a supported operating system.

Where can I learn (more) about Java development tools?

How do I format source code in JBuilder 3.5? I'd like JBuilder to auto-format source code as I write or to format existing source code, like Emacs does. I've searched many options, but I haven't found it.

How do I set the docBase for the ROOT app in the integrated Tomcat environment in JBuilder 4 Enterprise?

How can I enable the EJB wizards inside JBuilder Enterprise without installing the Borland AppServer?

How can I configure jConnect5.2 in JBuilder 4?

JBuilder output files. When i doing a some changes in a project then JBuilder 3.5 generates a some files

How can I run KVM in Jbuilder 4?

How do I show line numbers in the JBuilder editor?

How do I make deployable '.jar' files that run on a double-click as a JBuilder 4 Foundation user?

I am using JBuilder with Tomcat - Can I configure JBuilder to simulate the "load-on-startup" option in Tomcat's web.xml ?

How do I remove the JBuilder file associations from Windows Explorer?

How can I enable mouse wheel support in JBuilder?

Where can I find some good books on JBuilder?

How can I fix "Warning #908", where the file cannot be found on the source path?