IntellijIDEA Section Index

How do you turn off the use of CommandLineWrapper so that IntelliJ will include all your JAR files on the command line?

What is refactoring ? IDEA's feature list mentions 'refactoring'. What is it and where can I learn more about it ?

Associate file types. How can I associate .java or .jsp (or whatever) file types with IDEA in Windows?

What's the current version of IDEA?

How do I get IntelliJ to generate serialVersionUID for me?

Is it possible to enable mouse wheel handling with IDEA 2.5 under windows ? I known that jdk 1.3 does not handle mouse wheel, but since I've seen a mousewheel.dll file in the idea/bin directory, I'm wondering if it is possible to use it...

Is there a way to see all files in the Project view ? Our project has .gif, jpeg, .pdf, and other file types but they are not shown in the Project view. Can I instruct IDEA to show all file types ?

How can I change the order of the views on the left margin ? How can I change the order of the view names displayed in the left margin (Project, Structure, Source, etc) ?

How to upgrade IDEA? I have IDEA install on my system and I want to upgrade to a newer version while preserving my setup. What is the best way to do so ?

Running external tools that contains pipes ? I want to define an external tool that contains a pipe (e.g. 'find . | fgrep .java'). How do I do that ? I am running on Windows.

What is the Commander for?

Can I run Tomcat under IDEA ? We are developing web applications using Jakarta Tomcat. Can we run Tomcat under IDEA ? If so, how ?

What is the difference between the Project view and the Source view? What directories should I add to the Project view and which ones to the Source view?

How can I avoid the second IDEA icon? While running IDEA on Windows, I see an additional IDEA icon in the task bar. How can I get rid of it?

Does IDEA support Java 1.4 (as IDEA JVM and as target JVM) ?