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Is there a way to match a grammar fragment exactly n times similar to FLEX's (...)?{1,n} construct?

How do I make ANTLR generate c++ code in a (nested) namespace?

How do I make ANTLR build a lexer that uses my own token class?

Where can I find examples of C++, JScript, VBScript, C, XML, Java Class grammars for ANTLR? Is there any repository out there in the internet?

Is it possible to build a (valid or invalid) sentence generator from a grammar?

How does one report a bug?

How can I force ANTLR to match the tokens in the "tokens {...}" section case-insensitive?

Why doesn't the lexer match any of the literals from my "tokens" section?

Why does ANTLR sometimes go into an infinite loop when constructing AST trees?

Can I use French (UNICODE) characters in my ANTLR grammar (versus the files I parse with it)?

Why is the (...)* loop below nondeterministic for any k (is this an example of ANTLR computing linear approximate lookahead)?

What does LL(k) means?

How can I throw my own exception out of a parser or tree walker?

When should I use ANTLR instead of PERL?

How do I distinguish keywords from identifiers and how can I have all keywords returned as KEYWORD?